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Fix: Session Manager extension missing menu items in Firefox

Posted in Uncategorized on April 5, 2013 by voline

For some time now, most of my Firefox profiles have been missing menu items for the Session Manager extension.  When going to the sub-menu Tools -> Session Manager, the usual menu items like “Load Session”, “Save Session”, “Delete Session”, etc. were not there.  Thus severely limited my session management ability.

Curiously, this wasn’t happening for my main profile.  I looked into a bit, but didn’t find a solution and decided to live without it on my other profiles.

Then I ran across a this bug as I was searching the session manager bugs site.  I tried turning off the Ubuntu Firefox integration extension to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t.  Then I tried setting the extension property “extensions.{1280606b-2510-4fe0-97ef-9b5a22eafe30}.no_splitmenu” to true.  Lo and behold that did the trick!

I still can’t explain why my main profile has the menu items because that setting is false on it.  And its a PITA to remember to do this on newly created profiles.