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Connecting to Freenode via Tor using Irssi+SASL

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2013 by voline

Freenode has pretty good instructions on how to connect to their IRC network via Tor with Irssi.  It requires SASL which seems to imply that you can’t use Tor if you haven’t registered via the clearnet.

Anyhow, the current version of the irssi plugin script linked on that page requires an abandoned and inefficient (not that it matters in this case) perl package Crypt::DH if you want to send your password in encrypted form.  If you’re just sending the password as plaintext, then it won’t matter.

Ubuntu doesn’t carry the package for Crypt::DH anymore, but it does have the newer Crypt::DH::GMP, which comes with a compatability module.  The problem is that this compatibility module isn’t 100% backwards compatible.  So I’ve modified the out-dated script from Freenode to support using this newer module, but to fallback to trying to use the old Crypt::DH.

To use, just follow the same instructions on freenode’s tutorial using the script below.  This is a drop in replacement.