Running Rebtel One-Click application in wine

This was tested on wine 1.5.29 with the Oct 12, 2012 snapshot of winetricks.  Download the Rebtel PC application installer at:

  1. WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-rebtel winetricks dotnet40
    • The wine install instructions say to install .NET Framework 4.0 in a clean wine prefix using winetricks and must be 32-bit (thus the use of WINEARCH).
  2. WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-rebtel wine <path to setup installer>/Rebtel-PC-setup.exe

Next comes the problem of starting the application again.  The downloaded exe file is stored in some horrendous path, which probably changed each time an updated exe is downloaded.  If you can find the exe, you can give that to wine and it will run the application.  Not so nice though.

There are reports that using wine to run “rundll32.exe dfshim.dll,ShOpenVerbShortcut C:/users/crass/Start Menu/Programs/Rebtel/Rebtel.appref-ms" should open the application.  However this always gives an error about the url being invalid.  Likewise, if I do “rundll32.exe dfshim.dll,ShOpenVerbApplication <application url found in appref-ms file>", I get another error about the config being different than the installed config (which probably has something to do with the params in the appref-ms file that I’m not using).

Then I figured out I could first run “explorer” and then double click on the desktop icon created. Still this was more steps than I felt necessary. So I tried passing the appref-ms shortcut file on the desktop to explorer and voila!  Here’s the exact command which can be put into a wrapper script to easily run from the command line (changes needed for your specific installation of course).

WINARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-rebtel wine explorer '%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Rebtel\Rebtel.appref-ms'

Now the problem I’m having is that the rebtel app consistently crashes non-deterministically.  It seems to be related to the use of the gui. But I’ve successfully made an uninterrupted call for a couple minutes without the app crashing.

Another unresolved issue is that the program will not close.  Clicking the close button and selecting the close menu item for the window properties causes the window to disappear and reappear.  I think its trying to minimize to the tray, but I can’t get it to show up there in Unity.


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