hibernate/sleep fails on second attempt


I’d never had problems with suspend/sleep on any machine.  So imagine my surprise when one day it all of a sudden broke, and not only that hibernate broke as well.  I use tux-on-ice for its superior hibernation support, so I thought perhaps there was a bug in that.  But to my dismay, even the stock kernel had the same issues.

What was strange was that it was completely reproducible.  After doing a regular boot, I could suspend/hibernate and wakeup/resume once, but the second time the machine would lock up with a blank screen.  The only way to get back to a usable system was to do a hard reset or let the power run out (after which of course there was no usable hibernation image).

What was so infuriating was that I could get absolutely no information about what the problem was.  I tried doing various test using /sys/power/pm_test, but everything checked out fine.  Nothing in syslog indicated any problem. I did many google searches and read tons of suspend/hibernation issues and fixes.  None of them worked or applied to me.  I even tried to use /sys/power/pm_trace to figure out where in the kernel it was hanging.  All to no avail.

I was quickly running out of leads.  Finally, in a desperate attempt at finding the problem, I wrote some scripts to tell me all the packages I’d installed since the problem started occurring.  I culled the list down to ones that could conceivably affect the kernel.  The list was very short, but cgroup-bin appeared on there and much to my surprise this problem went away when I went back to cgroups-lite, which is the default ubuntu package.  Now that I knew the culprit, I googled some more and found a pre-existing bug in launchpad for this issue.

Solution (Work around)

Uninstall cgroups-bin

* NOTE: It appears as this issue may now be fixed in Ubuntu, as I now (several months later) have cgroups-bin installed and suspend/hibernation working.



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