Startcraft + BWAPI + pybw

This post is meant to provide a quick way to get up and running with pybw and BWAPI 3.7, instead of spending a lot of time scouring the net for the prereqs.


  1. StarCraft Broodwars and patch — this must be installed and patched to at least 1.16.1.
  2. VisualStudio 2008 express — You only need to install the C++ portion.  Note, however, that VS 2010 currently _will not_ work. (not needed if none of the downloads are source that needs to be compiled).
  3. Python 2.6 — pybw should compile against any 2.6.  Python 2.7 may work, but is untested (the project build will need to be modified to include 2.7 instead of 2.6 headers).
  4. — The Chaoslauncher can be a little harder to find since the website hosting the project went down.
  5. BWAPI — If you wish you may compile this from source, but the binaries should work just as well
  6. pybw — Checkout the source. Upstream currently only supports BWAPI up to version 3.2 Beta.  Or download precompiled binaries.
  7. vcredist_x86.exe — This may need to be installed.


Install Starcraft with 1.16.1 patch.  Then follow steps 1 – 4 (note the section is misnamed, “Build Instructions”) for setting up BWAPI to be injected into Starcraft using the Chaoslauncher.  If compiling pybw from source, follow the instructions from the README file.  Otherwise, you may need to install vcredist_x86.exe and then you should be able to run pybwClient.exe from the binary distribution to start the example AI.  Keep in mind that an AI can not start once you’re in a game.  Starcraft should be started with the Chaoslauncher with BWAPI checked.  It will be obvious that the AI is connected at game start because there will be text on the screen indicating the revision of BWAPI being used at game start (not to mention that the workers should automatically start gathering minerals).


2 Responses to “Startcraft + BWAPI + pybw”

  1. Hey! Useful tutorial! Thanks! Are you still on the pybw project?

  2. hi! did you use pybw recently? I would love to work with it

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